Saturday, April 9, 2011


This is me (Steph) and my baby girl, Isabella (Izzy). I love this picutre, it was taken in Hilton Head in 2010 - she is such a ham, can't you tell? I hope that Nana Mo and I will inspire her to carry on the quilting tradition (fingers crossed).

About ME. I live in Ohio with my wonderful husband and our two children. I'm a stay at home Mama to a 3 year old (A.J.) and my 1 yr. old (Isabella). We live on a five acre farm and this is going to be our first year planting a pumpkin patch - we're going to be pumpkin farmers!!! This was my crazy idea because I love pumpkin patches and I've always wanted one. This year we will not be open to the public, we're just going to learn how to grow them and set up a wagon selling pumpkins in our little town.

I started quilting in 2002. Nana Mo showed me some quilting projects that she had made and I fell in love with her new hobby. I asked her to teach me to make a quilt for a good friend of mine (for her wedding) and I've never stopped quilting. My stash is out of control, my projects are scattered all over the house, and my head is brimming with ideas. That's normal, right?

Nana Mo and I have decided to start making some patterns and we really want a long arm quilting machine. We're currently on the hunt for the PERFECT machine. We don't know if we'll make $$$, but we know the journey will FUN! Portions of our proceeds are going to go to our passion - The 3 Day. is a 60 mile walk in 3 days for Breast Cancer Research. Nana Mo is training for her 3rd walk right now!! I'm not able to walk this year because I have a 3yr old and a 1yr old and my husband works crazy hours, so I'm going to wait another year or two.

Well, it's Saturday and I'm going to my local quilt shop today, the Paw Patch in Mount Vernon to pick up an embroidery assignment. I own a Janome embroidery machine and love to machine applique quilts from time to time. This particular project was my idea and design - I can't wait to start working on it!!! Stay tuned for pictures as I create this project....

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and I'm going to take pictures of my oldest quilt that my great grandmother made and post them here. Have a wonderful day!!! ~Steph

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